Our portfolio details

We offer a wide range of services to build, secure and maintain your data center and IT infrastructure.

Offered Services

With our experience, we offer our customers the best quality services in the integration and maintenance of data centers, handling from upstream to downstream all the building blocks of systems, networks and security.

  • Integration

    Whether you need to install a new solution or renew an existing installation, we provide effective support and gain valuable time by guiding you through the selection and implementation of right infrastructure for your business.

    T&d assist you in the design and implementation of your infrastructure from A to Z. From computing to Network and data security, passing by network and storage architecture, high availability, backup and disaster recovery, and much more. Tusna & data manages all steps with high efficiency and according to EIS standards.

  • Data center equipment, even perfectly installed, need to be regularly maintained. Our team is trained to find the best and fastest solutions to problems that may affect your equipment. Depending on your strategy, we put at your disposal two types of maintenance:

    - Corrective maintenance, by repairing the equipment or operating system after the outage occurs

    - Preventive maintenance, reduces outages by analyzing patches and periodic monitoring of equipment status

    Regular audits of your data center equipment is scheduled in order to optimize the maintenance service.

  • A company must ensure that its IT operations are properly conducted as to the rules of good practice. To do so, T&d offers you a team of professionals to assess the risks and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure or your data center environment.

    The T&d team can also help you design, develop and optimize your IT infrastructure, which supports your business needs. Our team will accompany you throughout the implementation of your project, being ready to listen to you and advise you on the success of your solution.